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Contribution Guidelines

If you're going to make changes, you need to know some stuff.

We've spent a lot of time working, proofreading, and automating to make this wiki accurate and precise. We're setting up guidelines to show what you can and can't do with your additions and edits, and point you in the right direction.

1. Accuracy

We want to keep everything in the wiki as clean and typo-free as possible. That's why the Spellcheck Action runs every time you open a new pull request to make a change to the wiki. The Spellchecker looks in an English dictionary, as well as a predefined list of words in two texts files stored in the ".github/workflows" folder.
If you pass the spellcheck operation, you're all set and good to go! However, if you fail, try this:
  1. 1.
    If you haven't already, proofread your writing. You can also view the Action status by clicking on the X in the Merge box and selecting "Details."
  2. 2.
    If all of your words are correct but they are still being seen as incorrect, find out what words they are, make a list, and then send that list as a comment on the pull request. This will make it so that I can merge your edits by adding the words to the dictionary. Once I comment back saying it's done, try adding a random commit somewhere (add a space at the end of a line) to trigger the action to run again.
  3. 3.
    Removing this folder and its contents will render your pull request invalid.

2. Editable Files

Certain files aren’t allowed to be edited, unless specific permission is granted or, in some cases, you are a moderator. The following will occur depending on the situation:
Items that cannot be modified
You can’t delete, move, or edit the following files.
  • any file with the .yaml extension
  • about-the-wiki/
If these files are edited and a pull request is made, the pull request will be rejected.
Items that cannot be modified, unless replaced.
You can’t delete, move, or edit these files unless you have a replacement and you verify everything still works together.
  • any item in the .gitbook/assets directory
NOTE: Don’t organize any assets into folders. The best we can do is rename each asset to a descriptive name, but using folders can get screwed up once GitBook pushes a new commit.
Items that cannot have their original contents deleted.
  • .github/workflows/gibberish.txt
  • .github/workflows/names.txt
You can add to these files if you need to, but you cannot delete any of the existing content.

3. Branches

Commits should be made to the bleeding branch. We'll need time to review the contributions and possibly make changes to your and ours before they hit the wiki.
Any commits to the master branch will be rejected. However, you can merge the master branch with the bleeding branch to keep your commits up to date by:
  • Click the Pull Requests tab at the top of the window.
  • Go into New pull request.
  • Make sure that base is set to **bleeding** and compare is set to **master**.
  • Follow through all the steps to make a pull request and submit it to yourself.
  • Back in the Pull Requests tab, select the one you just made.
  • Select Merge in the section with the actions. You have to wait for the spellchecker to complete in order to click Merge.
Once you're done committing to the bleeding branch, you can submit your edits by doing the following:
  • Click the Pull Request tab at the top of the window.
  • Go into New pull request.
  • Above the toolbar with the base and compare dropdowns, click Compare across forks.
  • Make sure that base is set to **Doregon:bleeding** and compare is set to **<your name>:bleeding**.
  • Follow through all the steps to make a pull request and submit it.