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Firmware Update 4.87

News and help for the newest release of the PlayStation 3 firmware, 4.87.

Recently, Sony released OFW 4.87. This update caused panic, but we're here to detail what's up.

On December 3, 2020, Sony released update 4.87, with new Blu-ray licensing keys and some security fixes. However, this wasn't enough to stop the homebrew community from releasing new firmwares and software to combat the mandatory update, requiring all users to be on this update to use PlayStation Network.

The guide written in this section was made by u/AzgalorFelore, credit to them for the good work! Information on installing HEN 4.87.1 HFW can be found in the PS3HEN section of this Wiki.

NOTE: These guides target the HEN users of the homebrew community. CFW users can use SEN enabler to bypass this update.