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Master (v21.1b5)


All in ones provide many features, such as backup creation, file management, game launching, and system tweaks, all with only one application. The main two are multiMAN and webMAN MOD, both offering different styles of interacting but essentially being the same (although each has its own quirks).
Having at least one all-in-one is highly recommended for all of the users with homebrew on their system, especially if you're planning on doing more than just running backups and want to begin modifications (although I still recommend a file manager for the modding itself), set fan speeds, or do other tweaks but don't want to have to wade though a billion apps and games to find the one that's needed for your task (especially if you have a lot of games installed through PSN, that can get tiring.)
I recommend webMAN MOD because it's a beast on my system. It's fully integrated with its own web server, and making it accessible from my phone to load backups when I'm making a sandwich so I can sit down and game. Take a look at it on the webMAN MOD page, or go find the AIO that you like!