PS3 Homebrew Wiki
Master (v21.1b5)


reActPSN is a piece of homebrew that lets you do the following tasks:
  • (Re)activate PSN games that ask for you to go to the PlayStation Store to play
  • Converts PS2 ISOs into PS2 Classics format
  • Converts PS3 ISOs into PSN games format (using BDloader)
  • Delete user trophies
  • Downgrade backups from >4.20 to 4.20 for more compatibility
  • Load/unload backups (using BDloader, BDselector)
Not all of the features available or work right on reActPSN work on HEN. Testing is being done to see the limits of reActPSN + HEN, so stay up to date to learn more. reActPSN also reports "Unknown CFW!" after launching for the first time on a HEN system, however it will still work.
You also need to have reActPSN v3.20+ to use on HEN. The version on multiMAN's homebrew downloader does not work at all and is even harmful in some cases.
Last modified 2yr ago