PS3 Homebrew Wiki
Master (v21.1b5)


For some 25xx and all earlier models, you can use Ferrox for a full CFW experience.

Ferrox is like Rebug Lite. It offers all of the same features, and is still compatible with the same tools, plugins, and homebrew, only it comes from a different developer.
Ferrox allows you to have full control over your system by giving you the whole package! You can completely and effortlessly tweak your system, install homebrew, and enable certain DEX features on your CEX console. Ferrox is also actively maintained and has been updated for the latest firmware (as of January 12, 2021), and provides a more legitimate way of getting online and connected to the network with the latest OFW features, while maintaining the essential and optional CFW features.
Ferrox is also Cobra- and Mamba-compatible, and is capable of using the same homebrew and apps that Rebug and PS3HEN can use.