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Note that this method is obsolete due to PS3HAN, and now PS3HEN, and is not supported on firmwares greater than 4.70
PeXploit is a program which allows you to inject PKGs into a PS3 system backup. The exploit was patched soon after release, but still works on firmwares up to and including OFW 4.70. This allows for injection of DLC and PKG versions of PSP games to be played. It will also allow you to unlock time trial "C00" demos.
In order to inject PS3 disc-based game backups, you will need to follow this process instead.

Making a Backup

  1. 1.
    Plug your FAT32 formatted USB storage device your console. Note that it must be at least the size of your PS3 HDD.
  2. 2.
    On your PS3, navigate to the Settings column and select System Settings → Backup Utility → Backup. After it is done backing up, remove your storage device and plug it into your PC.

Extracting PKGs

In order to install PKGs, they must be extracted into folder format with a program such as TrueAncestor.

Injecting the PKGs

  1. 1.
    Run the PeXploit program. Select "Extracted pkg" and check "Backup Original". Select your PS3 backup location on your flash drive (\PS3\EXPORT\BACKUP\archive.dat), and select the extract PKG(s) you want to install. Make sure to select the entire folder (ex. NPEB02306).
    • You do not need to enter EDAT or IDPS information
  2. 2.
    Select "Patch and Go!" and wait for it to complete. It will overwrite your backup on your USB storage device with your new backup.
  3. 3.
    Plug your flash drive into your console. Navigate to the Settings column and down to System Settings → Backup Utility → Restore. Select your backup from your flash drive and wait for it to complete.