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For some 25xx and all earlier models, you can use Rebug for a full CFW experience.

NOTE: The website is down for maintenance and is no longer available to be used. You can potentially use the Wayback Machine to access the website from the month of August, but it's not verified that you can continue to download CFW. You can also check out Ferrox, which has been updated for 4.87 and is still available to the public.
You get the full package! With full control over your PlayStation, you can command and bend it to your will, such as re-enabling lost features, better support for homebrew, and full access to tweak your system to your liking.
Rebug's main versions works by combining CEX and DEX, which are the retail and debug firmwares, respectively. By doing this, you can easily switch between the two and activate certain DEX features, such as the QA-toggled Debug Settings, without having to switch to a full DEX system. This functionality also makes it easier to modify games and apps and use ProDG TMAPI Rebug is also Cobra- and Mamba-compatible, which means it's capable of all the plugins and homebrew that PS3HEN can use.
However, Rebug has different types of releases for different types of firmware. The REX firmware is what was described above, and is the one to install if you're on a retail console that hasn't converted to debug mode. The D-REX firmware is also what was described above, and is the one to install if you're trying to upgrade but have converted to debug mode. These two are also slow to come out, as Team Rebug needs to find the retail and debug versions of the firmware they're working on in order to assemble REX or D-REX versions of Rebug.
Rebug also releases a Lite version, released quickly and easily, and providing some of the features of REX and D-REX. Because this version doesn't include the DEX firmware, you won't see the ability to convert to DEX and some of the debug features that could be enabled on REX or D-REX may not work properly.
As of January 12, 2021, these are the current versions of Rebug REX, Rebug D-REX, and Rebug Lite.
Rebug REX: 4.84.2 Rebug D-REX: 4.84.2 Rebug Lite: 4.86.1
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