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What is the QA Flag?

The QA Flag is a setting that is enabled when a console is in the Quality Assurance stage before it leaves the factory. It allows access to Debug Settings. It also allows downgrading to a lower version of firmware without use of downgrader firmware. It can be enabled with Rebug Toolbox or the qa_toggle package, or by enabling HEN.

Debug Settings isn't showing up under the Settings column, why?

A. Your PS3 must have the QA Flag enabled, which can be done with Rebug Toolbox, or by enabling HEN. From there, navigate to Settings → Network Settings and hover over the Network Settings icon. Press and hold L2 + L1 + R1 + R2 + L3 + DPAD-Down. This will enable the Debug Settings section.

What is an Optical Drive Emulator (ODE)?

An Optical Drive Emulator is a device that allows you to run game backups and homebrew on a PS3, without requiring a jailbroken console or Custom Firmware (CFW). Depending on the brand, it may support more models than CFW and may run on the latest OFW. See this page for more information.

Why are there multiple PS1/PS2 emulators?

For PS1, a different emulator exists for discs and for PS1 Classic games from PSN.
Introduced In
1.00 OFW
Emulator for running PS1 discs.
1.70 OFW
Emulator for PS1 Classic games from PSN.
2.10 OFW
For PS2, different iterations of hardware required different emulators and offsets. PS2 ISO launchers may have options to use a different emulator. In general, model-specific emulators have much better compatibility and performance, and the PS2 compatibility list is based on the ps2_netemu.
Introduced In
1.00 OFW
For CECHA and CECHB, doesn't emulate Emotion Engine (CPU) or Graphics Synthesizer (GPU).
1.50 OFW
For models CECHC and CECHE, doesn't emulate Graphics Synthesizer (GPU).
1.90 OFW
First iteration of full software emulator - deprecated in 4.01 OFW.
Emulator for PS2 Classics games from PSN.

I'm interested in developing for the PS3. Where can I start?

A. While this subreddit and Wiki is great for end-users, you are unlikely to find expert developer help here. You can see past and present research at the psdevwiki, and get live help on the following IRC channels: #psdevwiki, #ps3dev, #psl1ght. PSL1GHT is a community-made open source SDK used to develop homebrew.