PS3 Homebrew Wiki
Master (v21.1b5)

Homebrew and the Restrictions

The PlayStation Network's restrictions, the system's restrictions, the company's restrictions, we mean.

If I choose to, will reverting to official firmware make me safe?

By properly uninstalling all homebrew, clearing your system logs with PSNpatch, and then installing an OFW, there should be no problem. It's recommended to do a full format of your hard drive to remove any possible leftover homebrew files. You can also install the OFW update twice to overwrite your ROS1 hash, which is essentially a record of the last firmware installed. Be warned that if you played unreleased games and connect to PSN, they may ban you when your trophies sync.

Will keeping PSN signed out keep me safe?

Yes. If you plan on staying offline, you can disable PSN altogether to prevent accidental sign on.

Can you get banned for using the Internet while signed out of PSN?

No. It is perfectly safe to use No-PSN versions of apps and the Web Browser while connected to the Internet. If you plan on staying offline, you can disable PSN altogether to prevent accidental sign on, and still be able to use the Internet.

Can you get banned by playing on PSN with an ODE?

There is always a chance that you may get banned by playing on PSN with unauthorized hardware. However, the chance of getting a ban is exceptionally lower than bans from using CFW. Be warned that playing an unreleased game and then syncing your trophies on PSN may result in a ban.

Are games region locked?

The only region locked games are Joysound Dive (Japan) and Persona 4 Arena. It is rumored that Way of the Samurai 3 is region locked on Slim consoles. Online services for games may be region locked regardless of the game's region.

Are power supplies region locked?

You should always check the back of your PS3 for the accepted voltages. However, most PS3s support both 110v and 220v, with the exception of some European CECHC and rare batches of late European slim consoles.

What temperatures should my PS3 be at?

You can check your system temperatures by pressing Start+Select on the XMB or in-game XMB (if webMAN is installed), or you can check it in multiMAN. Your PS3 should fall at or below these temperature ranges:
  • Fat: 60-70°C idle / 65-75°C PS3 game / 70-80°C PS2 game
  • Slim: 55-65°C idle / 65-70°C PS3 game / 70-75°C PS2 game
If your system is above these temperatures, try replacing your thermal paste and/or changing your fan settings with webMAN.

Why hasn't <insert game here> been ported to PS3?

Because of the Cell processor architecture, the PS3 is a strange console to develop for and makes porting code difficult. Often times, an entire re-write is required to port an app to the console. Specifically, an N64 emulator has not been finished because it requires a dynamic recompiling library (DynaRec) in order to work which would have to be written from scratch and require a massive amount of effort.